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Managing Change in Rapidly Changing Times (Office Hour 1)

Episode Summary

The Covid-19 pandemic has created massive disruption in all of our lives and work. Those of us who are facilitating and supporting collective impact will have to lead our groups through this change. In this episode, we share your questions and offer recommendations and resources for what to think about and how to move forward when our work seems to be shifting by the day.

Episode Notes

In response to the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic and how it affects so much of our lives, the Forum is hosting weekly virtual office hours that looks at your questions related to how to manage change right now- whether it’s change in your work, or your relationships, or even how to work right now. We’ll be sharing the audio from those virtual office hours so listeners of the podcast can also receive this support. 

In this episode, we’re featuring the audio from our virtual office hour that was held on March 26, 2020 and includes a conversation with Executive Director of the Collective Impact Forum Jennifer Splansky Juster and Senior Advisor to the Collective Impact Forum Paul Schmitz.

One note for listeners. This audio is edited from the original version so it’s more catered to an audio-only audience. For any resources referenced in this episode, including tools and articles, we’ve included links to those in the footnotes for this episode, so feel free to check those out if it’s helpful.


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